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Delivering your business needs, on time, on specs, on budget.




Wide coverage of services for companies and individuals.



Supporting Organizations for Compliance with the GDPR Regulation and undertaking the role of Data Protection Officer (DPO) in a variety of large businesses.


Management Systems

Management Systems Consulting Services securing compliance against Standards & Regulations.


Subsidized Programs

Managing Subsidized Development Programs.


Employing executives with years of experience in leading positions across international businesses, Cerfins designs and implements professional seminars in collaboration with corporate organizations, focusing on hands-on solutions and good practices on demanding business challenges.

Publications & Tools



Professional editions on specialized industry subjects.



Testing and certification tools and methodologies.


White Papers

List of White Papers written by key professionals.


Blog Posts

Informative and consulting blogs.

Bespoke Development

Cerfins breaks down complexity and delivers simplicity, towards the directions of continuously improving day to day operations with reliable & efficient IT systems. Cerfins aim is to be the most reliable IT Service Delivery company in the market it operates at, to the benefit of its clients and business partners. This mission, has been based since 2002 upon the values of continuous improvement & innovation. Our values support our vision by leveraging commitment, adaptability and action upon measurable results.

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