GDPR Compliance and DPO Services

Supporting Organizations for Compliance with the GDPR Regulation, covering all aspects of the Organizational, IT and Legal requirements framework.

  • Analyzing and mapping the level of compliance with GDPR by creating a processing activity record
  • Privacy Impact Assessment regarding the protection of personal data to identify the most important risks
  • Compliance Plan, support and guidance in the implementation
  • Development of all required personal data protection policies, in a complete Personal Data Management System
  • Compliance Audit with reference to GDPR
  • Training of company executives in GDPR implementation

Undertaking the role of Data Protection Officer (DPO) in a variety of large businesses.

  • Informing and advising the company and its staff, as well as any individuals acting on its behalf, of their obligations under the Regulation and / or national data protection legislation
  • Monitoring the compliance of the business and its staff with the Regulation and / or national data protection legislation and its policies regarding the protection of personal data, as well as compliance with the instructions of the company for individuals acting on its and conducting relevant audits
  • Implementation of the necessary awareness-raising and training activities of the employees involved in the processing operations, supervision and modification of the necessary conventional texts, policies, information and consent forms of the Company with the Regulation
  • Advising the company on the impact of data protection evaluation and monitoring of its implementation in accordance with Article 35
  • Representing and working with the Data Protection Authority as a point of contact for processing related issues, including the prior consultation referred to in Rule 36 of the Rules/Procedure, and consulting as appropriate, on any other matter
  • Communicate with Business representatives, staff, customers, processors, external partners and generally any individual on any issue related to the processing of their business personal data and the performance/application of their rights under the Regulation
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