Book keeping

  • Electronic data processing maintenance – updating of accounting books
  • Preparation of accounting statements
  • Recommendations – Conversions – Mergers – Acquisitions – Company Holidays
  • Export of budget and accounting results
  • Immediate support for regular and exceptional/irregular checks
  • Information Violation issues
  • Transactions with the State


  • Preparation, signature and submission of all declarations and taxes (Tax, E9, VAT, Withholding Tax)
  • Tax advice on documentary coverage
  • Immediate support for tax audits
  • Taxisnet Code Issuing
  • Electronic Leases


  • Calculation of payroll contributions and payable gross/net amounts
  • Manage recruitments, dismissals and resignations
  • Payroll analysis per employee
  • Advice on insurance issues

Working & Employment

  • Drafting DPA and submitting it electronically
  • Calculations of wages – salaries, overtime, etc.
  • Individual staff contracts
  • Employment of foreigners
  • Writing business & feasibility plans
  • Organizing, monitoring & supporting the budgeting process
  • Treasury planning organization
  • Coverage of legal support by cooperating lawyers in matters such as tax disputes, civil litigation, labor disputes

For individuals

  • E1 income tax returns, E2 rentals, E9 real estate & inheritance tax returns
  • Calculation of EDAK & fair value
  • Employment of domestic staff
  • Family Allowance (A21)
  • Rent subsidy
  • Heating subsidy
  • Social Solidarity Allowance
  • Social Dividend


  • Retirement application compilation, submission & progress monitoring
  • Subsidies for uninsured elderly citizens
  • Counting of stamp
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